One Last Post…

I keep getting emails asking me to renew this blog (which I’ve ignored) and it’s going to expire in like a week, prompting me to want to end it with reasonable last post.

I haven’t bought a trading card since July 2018 and I’ve finally fallen off with all of the tcgs I once played…

Life however, has gone on and I’ve found other hobbies to fill the hole in my life. The whole thing I can say I truly regret is the distance that formed between me and the friends I made through Yugioh and Magic. It’s been pretty sad and awkward as I struggle to find other common ground to talk about.

Regardless, I’m still happy. I didn’t sell any of my decks and plan to keep them all for memory’s sake at least until I can no longer do so. Also if the opportunity to play Goat format Yugioh or EDH ever comes up, I’d still gladly accept it.

This post is a final summary to close this blog.

Thanks for reading about my experiences with card games through all the ups and downs…



One thought on “One Last Post…

  1. I really enjoyed reading your content these past few years. You really helped fuel my love of card games and I will truly miss reading about your card game adventures. One of the things I loved about this blog was the attention and appreciation you brought for card games that don’t really get a lot of attention in the US like Wixoss. The passion you had for this genre of gaming was obvious from start to finish and was so contagious in all the best ways. Thank you for the time you spent blogging your experiences, as I have appreciated following them. Best of luck in life, you’ll always be appreciated by all of us whom your content reached and touched, and your blogs will never be forgotten


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