One Last Post…

I keep getting emails asking me to renew this blog (which I’ve ignored) and it’s going to expire in like a week, prompting me to want to end it with reasonable last post.

I haven’t bought a trading card since July 2018 and I’ve finally fallen off with all of the tcgs I once played…

Life however, has gone on and I’ve found other hobbies to fill the hole in my life. The whole thing I can say I truly regret is the distance that formed between me and the friends I made through Yugioh and Magic. It’s been pretty sad and awkward as I struggle to find other common ground to talk about.

Regardless, I’m still happy. I didn’t sell any of my decks and plan to keep them all for memory’s sake at least until I can no longer do so. Also if the opportunity to play Goat format Yugioh or EDH ever comes up, I’d still gladly accept it.

This post is a final summary to close this blog.

Thanks for reading about my experiences with card games through all the ups and downs…




Overly Lewd Weiss Schwarz Box Opening (Avert your eyes kids)

What should be an 18+ Disclaimer, but I’m not about that life

Before you go into this post, please ask yourself if you MIGHT be offended or made uncomfortable by the art/content of these cards (which are based on this anime). If you think for a moment that you might be, then please do not go any farther.






We cool?



Alright let’s get right down to business then


This is one of my favorite animes (cue well-deserved hatred and harsh criticism) and I really wanted the cards from it. I bought a box for this back in October, but it got lost in the mail (so as advice always make sure your international orders have tracking!). I got this box on ebay somehow from a seller in the US last week. It arrived yesterday where I opened it during a reunion of college friends.




Ze rares

This is the second time I’ve opened a box of Japanese cards. While the Wixoss box was more exciting due to the crazy artwork of each Signi, this set was no different in terms of excitement due to curiosity over what each card does.


The Problems


I’ve bought the Trial deck (the MTG equivalent of an Event deck/Yugioh equivalent of the Noble Knight deck) and one booster box. The problem is the pool of cards I have to deck-build with is limited by a lack of multiple copies of each card.


Furthermore, importing singe cards from Japan is not cheap (as you might assume) so it’s arguably cheaper to get another box (this is the definitely irresponsibility in me, but still…).


Also while reading up on what these cards do, the vast majority of them have an ability called Resonance, which triggers by revealing a card in your hand named either Golden Darkness of Sitting Lala. I looked up Golden Darkness and learned it’s a very expensive card soo…

(Also I know this is the stamped promo version, but it was the first one I found)


What do?


Well to start I’ll use the core from the trial deck (red/yellow) to start building some kind of deck. I spent last night brewing (can I even use that term?) a 4 color Lv 0 turbo deck, but while hilarious it was painful inconsistent (especially when there are less than 15 blue cards in this show. At this moment it’s probably just a matter of building Red splashing whatever color I have the most playable cards in.


And that’s pretty much my plan. I hope to buy another box someday, but in the meantime I’ll just make due with what I’ve opened.


Thanks for reading as usual.

The 3rd The Secret Forces Box, Can we open another gosh darn $140 Nekroz of Brionac?!

I got a 3rd box of The Secret Forces today along with 6 extra packs.


I want to say that this set is a very enticing despite its many pitfalls. You can possibly go very plus by pulling Nekroz of Brionac, Valk or Trish. However, due to set ratios you’re far more likely to pull a play-set of Pink Dolphins before you see even single Nekroz card.


I got lucky and pulled my 2nd copy of Brionac (currently at $158 on TCGtrader here). This is the most expensive card in the deck. Granted I’m still about $400 away from building the deck. I have no intention of spending that much, but I do want to build this deck which I legitimately enjoy playing.


It was a solid box and it’s put me a huge step closer to building Nekroz. Will I complete this deck? Probably not, knowing me and my own sanity. I have a line I don’t like buying single cards for absurd prices. However, we shall see. More site updates to come this weekend. I plan to go to FNM later for my semi-weekly report (while my wallet still lives).

Yugioh Secret Forces Box Opening! Can we find that $140 Nekroz of Brionac?!


Someday I’ll stop making posts so late at night that I’m too exhausted to not be brief. I opened my pre-ordered box of The Secret Forces. I was putting my Nekroz ambitions into this box and it largely let me down.

My 24 Secret Rares:


The most valuable card is the Nekroz of Unicore, this box was far less useful than the first box I pulled shown below.


I’m still beyond lucky to have pulled even 1 Nekroz of Brionac in 2 boxes of the set. Though now I’m at an impasse. There is little desire in me to play Yugioh competitively. For this reason I really shouldn’t hold on to my Brionac. However, I also like Nekroz just as far as cards go. This has left me conflicted and it’s also the first time in my life that I’ve had an expensive card and not wanted to sell it immediately.

At this moment I don’t have the answer. I think I’d rather have a weak Nekroz deck than either drop an absurd amount of money on the remaining pieces or recoup my investment by selling Brio and thus have nothing to show for it. I’ll figure something out in the next few days.

The current price of Nekroz of Brionac on TCGtrader as I make this post is $169 as seen here today 2/18. So much screaming internally.

Though on the plus side I won a game of Weiss Schwarz earlier.

Suddenly Selector Infected Wixoss joins the fray

So a close friend of mine reminded me of our pact last year to acquire Wixoss cards after finishing season 1 of the anime. A lot of time as passed and while it may take forever for us to play a match we both at least got the cards.


I bought 2 starter decks in the hopes of getting someone locally to learn how it works and play it with me. I got Hanayo-San and Eldora, because one is awesome and the other is funny.


So I can’t provide any discussion on this card game yet because I haven’t played it. Nor can I relate it to Magic the Gathering yet. Though upon a quick inspection the cards somewhat resemble CardFight Vanguard.


After I learn how to play this (and Vanguard), I’ll be able to relate their game play mechanics. In the meantime here are some more pictures before I call it a night.


Some X-Sabers arrived as well.


Quality use of toy fire, I need to try this with another backdrop though.


Until next time!

Random Yugioh Opening 2/8/15

I visited a hobby store in my town last week that was closing. I returned this afternoon to see what they still had in stock. The store had a large amount of Zexal era yugioh merchandise all on sale. When I returned they still had a decent amount of low priced product so I indulged myself and bought quite a bit.


I got all of this for $48. Rationales for each purchase were:

Cosmo Blazer Packs: This was all they had left and I need a Fire Formation Tenki for my X-Saber deck (I did manage to pull 1)

2 Zexal Sleeves: This was all they had left and I’m sleeving all the Zexal era decks I own with these sleeves.

2 Kaiba: I’m sleeving the cards I plan to sell with these sleeves and I’m also throwing together a Union deck based off Kaiba’s XYZ-Dragon Cannon.

2 Six Samurai decks: This deck was being sold for $4 and it comes with Fiendish Chain a $3 card. Also this was until now the only Yugioh structure deck I had never bought.

2 Realm of the Sea decks: Same logic, but with Atlantean Marksman instead of chain. Also I’ll take the Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute for my casual decks gladly.

Tempest Tin: This was to get another spare Number 50: Blackship of Corn. I don’t think he’ll see play in the future, but he’s still a $3 card.

Tidal Tin: Black Luster Soldier is always a nice card to have lying around.

Zexal Collector Tin: This was impulse, pure and simple.


Pulls were very good this time around, mostly due to pulling a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Still I was blown away to have actually opened it. Anyway this was just me randomly buying some cards. I’ll make a quick 6 Samurai deck too since why not.

Current Plans with these cards:

  • Sell one of my Dracossacks (likely the Mega Tin one)
  • Re-Sleeve my 2 Zexal Era decks with Zexal sleeves
  • Build 6 Samurai deck (with my set of 6 Sam sleeves)
  • Build XYZ Union deck with Kaiba sleeves
  • Add staples to random casual decks

Anyway, that’s my current prerogative. Thanks for reading.

2nd SECH Box Opening! The Long Road Remains Long…

In my last post I revealed I would opening another box of SECH. Here’s up I pulled from that box:



Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon for my Yuuya deck

Metaphys Horus, which looks pretty

An Infernoid Antra and a 3rd Patrulea

Playset of Nekroz Cycle


No Ununcu or Harmadik

Secret Rare was Malacoda (who does look amazing though)

Lots of duplicate rares (I think I have 5 Dragoons of Draconia at this point)


You can never have a perfect box. Where am I going from here? Despite this opening I still really want to play Infernoids. I’ll wait until after the next YCS to see if they top or not. Depending I may just buy Ununcu by himself (Harmadik too, though his price tag scares me). That being said I have an unhealthy love for this set and would buy another box if it was cheap enough. You can’t really pay for it, but I really like the cards.

Thanks for stopping by.