One Last Post…

I keep getting emails asking me to renew this blog (which I’ve ignored) and it’s going to expire in like a week, prompting me to want to end it with reasonable last post.

I haven’t bought a trading card since July 2018 and I’ve finally fallen off with all of the tcgs I once played…

Life however, has gone on and I’ve found other hobbies to fill the hole in my life. The whole thing I can say I truly regret is the distance that formed between me and the friends I made through Yugioh and Magic. It’s been pretty sad and awkward as I struggle to find other common ground to talk about.

Regardless, I’m still happy. I didn’t sell any of my decks and plan to keep them all for memory’s sake at least until I can no longer do so. Also if the opportunity to play Goat format Yugioh or EDH ever comes up, I’d still gladly accept it.

This post is a final summary to close this blog.

Thanks for reading about my experiences with card games through all the ups and downs…





It’s only due to a mix of sleep deprivation, extreme happiness and slight intoxication that’s finally getting me to address the elephant in the room. I haven’t posted here in almost 2 months. The world of card games has changed while I remained inert and silent. Banlists dropped, formats changes and did buy plenty of product, but I did it all in silence. Why you may ask? Well I realized something pretty important. Trying to play and collect all of these card games was already a pipe dream. Maintaining interest and following set releases is really hard. That’s why I started to branch out and hire guest writers (who I actually paid) to specialize in each game. Still even that was impossible to keep up. What happened to make things so difficult? Well it was quite simple really. I finished college.

During my time in school I could devote my money and far too much of my time to all this card game stuff. Summer 2017 brought me into the world of adulthood wherein even following ONE card game is a challenge. When you combine that with how honestly on the fringe I was with most of these games, it became pretty likely that I wouldn’t be able to follow them. That being said there was a time when I truly cared about this blog. It would be wrong to just let it die quietly.

So here’s:

  • My 5 AM unfiltered thoughts on each card game as of right now
  • Literally every major card game event/thing that happened to me since my last post
  • My thoughts on the recent Yugioh banlists (Can you believe I missed those? Geez)


Unfiltered Thoughts: 


My fanatical love of this game and franchise is unquestionable. The floor of my apartment has been coated in Yugioh cards for weeks at a time.


My collection of anime decks has long surpassed 100 completed decks. I’ve got them all organized by series in the corner of my room now.


It’s a 100% established fact that Yugioh is my favorite trading card game. I’ve even been dabbling back and forth with meta…


(aka bricking) but I still consider myself  both a very die-hard and eccentric collector.

Status: Actively Following, Buying, Collecting, Playing


Magic the Gathering 

Magic will always be my second favorite game. It has a richness and depth that both intrigues and terrifies me. I know almost every Yugioh that exists. I don’t know half of the Magic cards that exist. Since I moved to my new apartment my Yugioh cads have littered the floor while my Magic cards have gone untouched. I like watching Magic (especially StarCityGames replays) that much I know. However when it comes down to playing it I barely do or try to. All of my passion for

Status: Actively Following Standard and Modern, Infrequent Play due to Yugioh

And now for all of those other games…



I have never liked that in Pokemon it feels like comebacks are infrequent. Once you’re losing in prize cards it feels impossible to catch up. And yes I know there are supporter/trainer cards that support the losing player. They just don’t feel like enough to me. Also actually watching Pokemon feels like Legacy or Vintage Magic to me. I just can’t play the game anymore and I haven’t followed it in months. My deck has long since rotated.

Status: Has 2 rotated decks and half a binder, Not Collecting or Playing


Force of Will

I honestly loved this game. I gave it a lot of time, money and attention all for it to completely fail me. I sold all but my most beloved cards from the era in which I played. Some swell chap in Germany bought my whole collection on Ebay. I pray those cards are serving him well. I occasionally see spoilers for new cards and to be honest I loved playing Force of Will (my decks still exist), but I don’t think I’ll be playing it ever again.

Status: Morally opposed to it in every way, has a binder and 2 decks as a keepsake



Naruto was a weird mix of Pokemon and Magic that I honestly found very enjoyable. Unfortunately Naruto died in like 2013 and there’s no changing that. I only ever had one friend (after Middle school) who played/collected the cards and he’s back in New Jersey. These cards now rest in half of a binder while I ponder how to get rid of my bulk.

Status: Half of keepsake binder and 2 tins of unwanted bulk left


My Little Pony 

I never gave this game a fair attempt. We played it incorrectly a few times (trying to force multiplayer), and I think I only played it normally twice. This game was just a bit tedious and the only novelty was that concept of “fighting” with the ponies. Oddly enough all my decks are still built, but this game is likely to waste away in my storage box.

Status: Like 6 decks just lying around


Cardfight Vanguard 

I don’t like playing this game. I really like the artwork of certain cards and I enjoyed collecting those cards (back when I had money to throw away). However, now I can’t say I would ever willingly play Cardfight. The gameplay just upsets me and I don’t know if that will ever change. I do still love the Bermuda Triangle and Angel cards. Somehow I never made a binder for them though.

Status: 2 large piles of cards that really need a binder



Wixoss died when my friend Kenny vanished. He was the biggest advocate for this game. Without him I lost all interest as did my friend group. I stopped following the show and the sets. My decks are still together, but Kenny took all my other cards so those 4 decks are all I have left.

Status: Selector Abandoned Wixoss


Weiss Schwarz

Weiss is the best card game to not play. I love getting cards of my favorite anime characters because I’m a colossal nerd. Just having the cards makes me happy. Actually playing the game however has never worked out. With the exception of one Sword Art Online player, EVERY PERSON I’ve ever played Weiss with has gotten incredibly mad during the course of the game due to a bad card flip or pull. Like they would get so angry that I would feel uncomfortable. This made Weiss increasingly unpleasant to play so I dismantled all my decks. I still love the cards, but adding to a Weiss binder is all I plan to do if even that.

Status: One binder filled to capacity (also these status posts sure have degraded over time huh?)


Fire Emblem Cipher

Uh I learned how to play this at 2 AM. I remember nothing about how to play. I’m not a Fire Emblem fan, THOUGH I am enjoying the phone game so that may change. I can’t really comment on the game.

Status: I swear I have these cards somewhere…)


What happened:

Philly Regional

I attended the Philly Regional on September 9th. I borrowed a friend’s True Draco Demise deck. This is a chunk of it.

20170908_205027I went 4-4-1 and placed 140th out of  roughly 500. While not great this was the highest I’ve ever placed in Philly.


Ixalan Pre-Release

I attended the Ixalan Pre-release immediately before writing this post. I went 3-0-1 running Jund Dinosaurs (because I do what I want).


I split with round 4 opponent so we could each get the most packs.


This is the second time I’ve ever done so well at a pre-release. I haven’t gone 3-0-1 since Dragon’s Maze.

I’ve constructed a number of yugioh anime decks.


Along with buying The Ur-Dragon Commander 2017 pre-con. Ur-Dragon has since replaced Progentitus as my commander.


I bought a box of Battle of Light’s Revenge and multiple 2017 Starter decks.


I opened Triple Dimensional Barrier in 3 Mega Tins. Honestly it was a good haul all around.


I’ve bought the entire Yugioh collections of two people and absorbed most of the cards from a third person.



And I got to watch a Hane-Hane get hit by Raigeki


There is probably more, but I can’t think of anything else right  now.


Yugioh September 18th 2017 Banlist (TCG) 

Zoo died the death it deserved ages ago finally opening the format up to new strategies. True Draco is still viable as Master Peace Turbo. Dinosaurs are now OTK or bust. Lightsworns can sack better. Most of the other hits are irrelevant. There are tons of cards that should’ve been hit also, but I still like this banlist.

Whelp my eyes hurt…. like a lot. It’s time to stop.

What’s next for this blog? I honestly don’t know. I doubt I’ll have time to give it the attention it deserves. It may die. It may not. I thank you regardless for following the mad adventures of one man in his quest to perish suffocated under cardboard.

Thanks for reading as usual.

Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon Draft: Can G/W Aggro spook the kids?

So like unfortunately all of my recent (and honestly Eldritch Moon posts) this is going to be short, underwhelming and kind of meh. I went to FNM to draft the new set, honestly because I wanted to have one, at least one great experience with these new cards. Yeah nah, but at least I got all I really wanted.


My Deck:


(Missing Card is a Collective Effort traded to my Round 3 Opponent after our match)

I tried to play an extremely low curb Green/White Humans list.

These were my first picks:


I had a lot of confusion between being a Delirium mid-range deck or an all-aggro deck. This would become apparent in the first round where my late game barely existed. Also after some advice from a friend I ended up dropping Nahiri’s Machinations since I wasn’t in red.



Round 1: Vs Red/Blue Emerge

We both mulligan to 6, but I get the early Collective Effort to pump my team and defeat the opponent on turn 5. Game 2 he mulliganed to 5, but I couldn’t out his Wretched Gryffs and eventually got beat in the air. Game 3 I made 2 mistakes. One was casting Nahiri’s Machinations before my 3/2 Slayer guy and mistake 2 was giving my opponent 2 creatures over their 4th land after he cast Epiphany at the Drownyard. I lost to Wretched Gryffs yet again.

Loss 1-2

Round 2: Vs Green/Black Delirium

My opponent had the strong power of multiple 4 CMC 4/3s. I was quickly taken to 2 life as Thraben Standard Bearer made a small horde of tokens. I used Borrowed Grace to taken his attackers, but the road to stabilizing 2 to 27 proved a long one. So what saved the day was Hope Against Hope on one of my Standard Bearers raising it to at its height a 9/9 Flying First Striker (Did I mention I got Gryff’s Boon on it too!). The ground was somehow effectively held by the flipped version of the Extractor of Sin who turned the 1/1 humans into the nice 3/2 Eldrazis which fought the 2/2 zombies made by his Noosegraf Mob. There was one turn he had game on me (6 attacks to 5 blockers), but I made the plains in my hand seems so threatening he held back. I shouldn’t have won this 20 minute game one.

And game 2 I curbed out perfectly defeating him without taking damage. Shrug

Win: 2-0

Round 3: Vs Blue/White Humans

So my opponent had the Lone Rider, which got walled game 1 by Desperate Sentry. I put both Hope against Hope and Gryff’s Boon said Sentry and just kept swinging in the air until he succumbed. Game 2 he used Strength of Arms on his Lone Rider in order to flip it into the 4/4 Eldrazi Horse. The first strike on the horse was relevant and it took him to the nice 35 and me to 8, before I managed to kill it using a huge block along with an Escalated Borrowed Grace. The road to turning the tables this time involved the power of the flipped Eldrazi maker and the graveyard ability of Gryff’s Boon. It kept making a threat he had to answer and well he couldn’t. I for a 3rd time assembled Exodia in the form of Standard Bearer + Hope Against Hope + Gryff’s Boon. He actually went from 31 to 0 in 3 turns.

Win 2-0




In hindsight despite my dreary opening to this post I had a lot of great games early tonight. You can only steal so many matches before you admit to having a decent draft. My deck was poor, but it was a good learning experience, especially at the start of the format. Anyway on impulse and so I can immediately turn my back on this set I just bought a Tamiyo, Field Researcher (a.k.a Omniscience under Doubling Season in EDH) so I don’r need anything else from Eldritch Moon (technically). The other cards were traded for either Promogenitus or my swiftly jankier Mono-Black spirit deck. All of my other EDH decks are in pieces at this point. Now I can go back to the truest of secret projects.


The slow acquisition of cards for the game I haven’t played in over year now that I found a tribe I actually like. Here’s to the Bermuda Triangle Mermaids deck in CFV!


Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.

Vanguards Riding Ponies (Finishing the Basic Introductions Series)

I’m doing the last 2 games in one post so I can get in another post about my weekend plans, current decks etc. Anyway let’s rush right into Pones and Vanguards.

My Little Pony CCG



In MLP each player uses their horde of adorable mini horses to solve problems (both there’s or their opponent’s) which are stored in their respective problem decks. Doing so earns the player points and the first player to reach 15 points wins the game.

Card Types

“Mane” Character Pony

Premiere_001 Premiere_001b

You start MLP with the “Start” version of your commander pony in play. After you fulfill their condition they evolve into a Boosted state (which is the reverse side of the card). The boosted state is stronger and has better effects.



Friends are your troops in the game. Friends have a cost, a power and usually an effect.

How do I pay this cost?

The resource in this game is called Action Tokens (which functions like mana with the exception that you don’t lose it at the end of your turn).  Both players gain Action Tokens on their upkeep. Action points can be used to:

  • Pay the cost of Friends, Events, Resources and Troublemakers
  • Move Friends
  • Ready (Untap) frightened friends (Fright is a status effect like Paralyze in Pokemon and works in the same way preventing your Friend from acting)
  • Draw a card (OH BY THE WAY THERE IS NO DRAW PHASE IN THIS GAME, IF YOU DON’T PAY YOU DON’T DRAW!!!). Honestly, not normally drawing is the strangest part of this game

Events, Resources and Troublemakers

Premiere_127 Premiere_141 Premiere_158

Events, Resources and Troublemakers are all your various weapons in the game. Here are some hopefully helpful comparisons:

Events are like Spells/Sorcery. These cards provide some kind of effect when played whether it be support or disruption.

Resources are like Continous Spells/Enchantments. These cards provide lasting effects while on the field.

Troublemakers are like traps. You play them face-down at a problem to disrupt your opponent.



Each player has a 10 card deck of Problem cards that both player attempt to solve. Each problem is solved by sending ponies whose total power is greater than or equal to the number facing the player attacking it.  Using Dark Dank Dungeon for example the opponent would need 9 power in any color to solve the problem, while the owner of Dark Dank Dungeon would need 7 (4 yellow and 3 white). When both players are attacking the same problem a Face-off occurs where the player with the higher power in ponies solves the problem (and wins the points). You also flip the top card of your deck and add its power to your team in a Face-off.

You can find the full rule book here. I have not played this game in a while. It’s more of a novelty if anything, but if you like MLP and card games then this may be the game for you.

Cardfight Vanguard


Ok so to be completely honest I don’t know how to play Vanguard. I haven’t played a correct full game yet, so it would be disingenuous to try and discuss it now. I can tell from skimming the rules that it works like Wixoss in that you grade up your starting Vanguard. I also know that the goal is to deal 6 damage to your opponent by attacking their Vanguard directly. Similar to Weiss, you check the top card of your deck for triggers when attacking too. Still I’m going to leave this as is for now. Sometime down the road once I play some matches I’ll be better prepared to talk about Vanguard.

So with that I’m proud to bring a conclusion to the introduction series. Thanks for following so far. I felt I needed to make this series if only so that when I later relate everything to either Magic or Yugioh there will at least be some more context. Anyway, I’ll discuss my current plans in a later post.

The maddened ravings of a man who spends too much on shiny cardboard episode #75

So I waited far too late to do this post. For that reason I’ll discuss my plans in each game very briefly. Also I’ll set out some goals for the near future.


Build a Nekroz deck


I love the art of the Nekroz cards, the fact that they’re actually destroying the Yugioh meta right now is merely another reason to respect them. Infernoids fell through as I never got a copy of Ununcu. Furhermore, the deck never shined competitively. Similarly, Heroes are doing ok on the regional level, but little on a national level . Meanwhile, you have Nekroz running away with 22 of the top 32 slots at the most recent YCS (Tacoma). Now I’m somewhat reasonable and I understand that Brionac is currently worth much more than the box I bought him in. However, my goal was to build Nekroz, not make money off selling cards from the box. My plans will obviously depend on the 2nd box I open later this week, but for now I plan to build a Nekroz deck. HOWEVER, as I have to be honest with myself I don’t play Yugioh competitively very often. I don’t plan nor want to spend upwards of $300 on this deck, but we’ll see how things turn out.

Magic the Gathering:

  • Improve my EDH/Commander deck
  • Put Standard on hold for until Theros rotates out


In lieu of finishing the Sultai Whip deck I was working on or the Mardu deck I started, I plan to focus on bettering my current Super Friends deck. I simply don’t have the morale to purchase a playset of Thoughtseize or getting the Power&Profit Clash pack multiple times. Once Theros block rotates out, I’ll be able to make a new standard deck that isn’t shackled to cards like Sylvan Caryatid and Courser of Kruphix.

In contrast, my love for Commander has only grown after taking on an interesting group of strangers at Katsucon. Right now my only wish in Magic is too strengthen my EDH deck and the current plan is too add stall (a.k.a. Pillow Fort). There are about 15 cards in my deck that synergize with the 4-5 basic lands still in my deck. My idea is to switch them all out. The name of the game is protecting my planeswalkers from attacks with my spells instead of my words.

Weiss Schwarz:

Improve my Madoka deck


So at Katsucon I bought a Weiss Schwarz deck because I’m a Madoka fan and because all of my friends each bought a deck for their own favorite series. I really like the card art for this game, though it has the most convoluted and needlessly difficult rule set I have ever attempted to learn. I’ll go into details at a later time.


*Improve at Wixoss


So after 2 weeks of playing Wixoss I still have yet to win a game. However, every match has been an amazing fight and sincerely this game has made me think in a different manner than any TCG before it. I definitely owe an explanation for this game alongside Weiss Schwarz.

At the time of writing this I’m very much satisfied with my current position with the following games:

  • Vanguard (I have both an English and Japanese Starter deck as I await my friends to teach me how to play)
  • Pokemon (I have a Beedrill deck and a Fossil deck that I love despite neither being remotely legal)
  • Naruto (I have a Mental Power deck and a 1010 deck, and quite frankly I can live with that)
  • My Little Pony (I have a enough decks at this point and can’t see myself buying anything other than a Derpy Hooves card)


So as for the immediate future, I want to do more game comparisons. I think expanding my TCG knowledge to Weiss, Wixoss and soon Vanguard will definitely help in my understanding the nature of trading card games. Thanks for reading. I hope to provide some insights soon.

Too much to say with no time nor energy to say it (Katsucon 2015 Loot)

I had a phenomenal time at Katsucon 2015 at the Gaylord Hotel in Maryland this weekend. I got spend a lot of time with of my closest friends and caught up with many friends that moved far away. In addition I drove into many new dimensions of card gaming.




Assorted rares from the $1 Magic rare box alongside cards I traded out of my EDH deck for (I traded lands I had duplicates of). Only 1 Shockland away from a complete set (Where’s a Stomping Ground?).



I cracked a box of The Secret Forces. I’m beyond lucky since I pulled a Brionac. While selling him is very enticing I’m going to see if my pre-ordered box makes building Nekroz still possible).


I split a box of Wixoss with the friend mentioned in the earlier (and likely all) Wixoss posts. I opened a myriad of new Eldora support and the deck has even more combos and options than before (I just remembered I never explained Wixoss, whoops).


So my friends forgot their own Vanguard decks so I bought an English version of my own so we could still play.


So the big news, I have bought my 1st deck of Weiss Schwarz. Despite initially being skeptical (and of course already having too many cards already) I’ve found the game very fun and enticing. Like with all card games comparison posts and such will come in the future.


I can’t go into details now, but plans are changing, different paths are being explored and tough decisions are about to be made. I’ll do a “New Plans” post tomorrow to get the ball rolling on this new era of card games.

Katsucon Trip Day 1

So as I left for the anime convention Katsucon yesterday (which is why I missed posting). I’ll be there in D.C. this weekend so my posting will be a bit more sporadic and infrequent until Sunday. On the plus side though I brought the following decks to play against friends and strangers alike:

Magic the Gathering:

  • Mono-Red (Standard) (because it’s my best deck still at the moment)
  • Mono-Green (Modern) (same logic as Mono-Red)
  • 5-Color Door to Nothingness (Casual) (The door is love, the door is life)
  • 5-Color Superfriends (Commander) (No question)


  • Heroes (A newer build, that I’ll post about soon with more traps!)
  • Infernoid-Sworn (Still awful with no Ununcu)

A pile of cards surrounding my Guardian Eatos (Reasons will be given later)


Rarity White (Based around resource assets)


Jutsu Abuse (1010.deck)


Beedrill Spam (because I love Beedrill)


  • Red Ambition (Because why not)
  • Blue Request (Eldora too strong)


My Starter deck (in hopes of learning)

I’ll try to get some posts in to discuss my games! Thanks for stopping by! (in real life Wixoss in addition with card games with strangers to come soon!)